Monday, February 13, 2012

My final foray into lifestyle changes

It's final because this time it will work. Today was day one of the rest of my life. Wow, that was incredibly Motivational Poster cliche-ish. Oh well. In any case, today is the day I started.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. For lunch I had a small salad with a bit of ranch dressing on it. For dinner I had terriyaki chicken and zucchini. I suppose I'll need to eat some cheese or something soon, as my tummy is rumbling a bit. Overall, I think I did pretty well. Perhaps my water intake could have been a smidge better, but I did sleep late today so that hampered it a bit.

I'm now drinking my mug of green tea with some artificial sweetener to try and curb my sweet cravings. I have to say that I already hate Valentines Day. I always have, and I don't anticipate it changing anytime in the foreseeable future. Having given up sugar the day before and then walking through the grocery store with delicious candy and treats practically screaming at me certainly isn't helping resolve my dislike for this wretched holiday.

Anways, onward ho! I kicked smoking's butt without looking back, and I plan on hitting this with the same iron will. No longer will I allow food to control me. I am master of this body, dammit!