Friday, February 16, 2007

I hate blogging

I just don't get it. Perhaps I was too old when blogging came into fashion. Perhaps I'm just challenged. Maybe even a little simple and stupid. But I just don't get it. So here's my attempt at doing what I don't understand.

Here are my questions, and I beg of people to let me know.

1. What do you blog about? I don't really get on my political soap box unless I truly feel the need, or am drawn into a political conversation. My life is entirely too boring to entertain or draw people into my world. And I couldn't care any less about celebs. So what do I put in here?

2. If any of you newsleader folks are reading this, how do I read YOUR blogs, and is there somewhere to get into debates and discussions?

3. Does blogging cure cancer?

Talk amongst yourselves