Friday, December 18, 2009

See, I told you I was bad about this!

So, I really am a horrible blogger. Perhaps if I were one of the bloggers who have a following, or who blogged about products, I'd be more diligent in the blogging thing. But, alas, I am not. So you get what you get, all one of you people following me!

There has been a lot on the news lately about Shellie Ross, and her biggest critic Madison McGraw. I have to admit that when I first heard the story I instantly thought the same as Madison. Not being a tweeter myself, and not really understanding the draw of it, I instantly went to the same place. But I paused and thought about it, and realized that 1. I text. 2. I facebook. and 3. I own a message board. Clearly I could be doing any one of these things when tragedy strikes. And more importantly, I'm a mom. I'm a mom with two little boys who are crazy and all over the place. I've found them down the alley before, luckily stopped by a woman who saw them and held them there until someone came looking for them. We were asleep, we didn't hear them get up, they quickly and quietly sneaked out of the house despite safeguards put in place. Accidents happen.

It's my understanding that Shellie's family was living in a new home, one in which they had been living for less than a month. She was cleaning the chicken coup, her older child was supposed to be keeping an eye on the little one. Accidents happen. A friend of mine pointed out that tweeting from your phone takes less time than showering, going to the bathroom, answering the phone, etc. All activities that we do each and every day. If he had drowned while she was going to the bathroom, would Ms. McGraw had anything to say then? I should think not.

My wish is that Madison McGraw would leave this woman alone, allow her and her family to grieve, and realize that this is benefiting nobody. She is only managing to make herself appear opportunistic and mean spirited.